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    Exchange tips, ideas and portfolios with other users to get a better idea of your investments.


    A massive range of Research Reports, accessed from brokerage Houses throughout Pakistan, at your disposal. So get digging.


    Test out your skills or get a knack at Equity investment, with our state of the art Portfolio Management tools.


    Filter Stocks based on the on your preferences. Not only make the process simple but also saves a lot of time.


    Analyze stocks with Up to 5 years of Historical data and recent Industry-wide Analysis


    Keep a close eye on the performances of your favorite


    Be notified when your pre-set alerts, for Individual stocks, meet the criteria.


    An intuitive and effective feedback system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration is simple and easy. You enter the Personal Information we ask for, press the Sign-up button and you are done.
Without registration, you cannot access the website and all the useful functionalities within.
All the customizations you have made on the site would be lost. This includes your Watchlists, the Critical Alerts that you have set and your performance on the Virtual portfolio section. Plus, you will miss out on all the exciting stuff that we have lined up for you in the near future.
Yes. The Financial Square have got no affiliations with any of the Brokerage Houses. We do get a daily mix of Research Reports from these Brokerage Houses. Your job, as an effective and Intelligent Investor, is to go through the Information provided within these Reports with a critical mindset and make your own Investment Decisions.
Unfortunately not at this moment. This is part of one of those features which are in our initial pipeline. If everything goes as planned, you would be able to replicate your actual portfolios and take advantage of the Portfolio Management functionalities provided by the Site.
Our Primary source of Income is through the subscription charges which the user has to pay, after the Free Trial period is over, in order to be able to continue using the Functionalities of the Website. It is a measly amount and could be afforded by roughly anyone. At first we did not wanted to charge the users for the usage of the website, but given the high expenditure of the services provided and for the purpose of constant and regular Value Addition to our offering, we need to charge you. On the plus side, NO ADS!!
No! The Financial Square is a Research Platform, not a Trading Platform. We provide you with a comprehensive list of Research Tools and services, which can assist you in making better Investing decisions. For Trading Purposes, you need to open an account with a Brokerage House.
You can contact us through three different channels. First, you can email us at the Next, you can contact us through our Facebook page: The final option and the most recommended one is to contact us through our interactive Feedback feature provided on the website. Do get in touch.
The Real time prices and price changes for indices and for Individual Script is procured directly from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The Data for Historical and Industry-wide Analysis is taken from Annual Reports. We have a team of Data Entry professionals, who are responsible for the sanctity of that data.
As we channelize data directly from PSX, the data is as Real time as it can be. Of course, there is still a lag but it is very minimal.
Yes, it is. Like any Company, which deals with a considerable amount of data, we will have errors. So, do let us know in case you spot one. We try our best, with regular checks and audits, but we would not be able to catch everything. So do notify us.
According to Various Studies, Investment in Shares have resulted in returns which far outweigh the returns than most other forms of Savings. An investor, through his investments in stocks, could garner both Capital Returns, in the form of price increases of the particular stock; and also Income Returns, in the form of Dividends, Bonus and Right Issues. The investor shares the reward when the underlying Company or the market in general is performing well. But, also have to keep in mind the downside risks, in cases when the Company and/or the Market is not performing. The Investor can alleviate this downside risk by diversifying investments in various Industries or in various other forms/channels of Investment.
Before you start Investing, you must understand the potential risks and returns associated with Equity Investment. It is essential that you understand your Risk Profile, before committing to an Investment. All investments carry a certain degree of risk. Prudent Investors would make different Investing decisions, not just on the basis of their goals and their capital resources but also on the basis of their Risk appetite.
The Most common way of trading in Shares is through the Secondary Market. You have to be registered with a Brokerage House in order to trade shares.
In order to trade, an investor has to open a trading account with a Broker/Brokerage House. Before selecting any Broker/Brokerage House, you should ensure that the broker is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and also that the firm has a good track record. You would be provided with the Account Opening Forms from the office of the Broker/Brokerage House. The Broker/Brokerage House, upon receiving the Account Opening Form will open a sub Account for the investor under his participant Account with the Central Depository Company (CDC).
Dividends are Returns paid to Shareholders out of the Profits of the Company. Returns can be in the form of cash or additional shares. Dividends are usually paid once or twice a year depending upon the Company’s Profit Distribution Policy.
Capital Gain is the amount with which the value of investment in shares exceed the price at which it was purchased. In other words, it is the profit realized from the sale of shares when the market value in increasing.
Visit the SECP website for Further Information: Also visit the Official PSX website: